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By experts and leaders in both pediatrics and adult fields.

Our Passion & Love

For what we do

A number of companies that we represent started out as passion projects, driven by the need to create better solutions for special needs families. One manufacturer began as an inspired collaboration between an engineering and a business student. The other company is the ultimate testament of the love of a father for his child with special needs. As these companies developed and grew, so did their support system, facilities, and staff. However, the enthusiasm at the roots of these companies stayed the same, if not multiplied.  


We love working with partner manufacturers who share in our bold pursuit of innovation, and unique approach to solving mobility challenges!   

Why You Will LOVE

Working With Us


  • Provide new and innovative solutions for your families and clients 

  • Utilize our extensive resources to facilitate meaningful solutions for special needs family 

  • Consistent contribution to your knowledge base by providing complimentary or reduced-cost local CEU events. 


  • We allow you to focus on revenue-generating tasks while we support your efforts in the field for tech and referral source engagement.   

  • We offer strong consistent mobile showroom presence in the territory on a regular basis, supported by a vehicle that has the capacity of 586 cubic feet of cargo volume, and has a payload of 2,972 lbs; 

  • If you have a technical challenge, chances are that with the resources available on hand, we can solve it for you in quick time. 

"When it comes to manufacturing representation, there is no one better than Marat Shterenberg. He is one of the most hardworking, trustworthy individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have come across very few people who have the amount of drive and work ethic he displays on a daily basis. He is truly a professional in every sense of the word."

Zach Stewart, ATP 

National Seating and Mobility, Nashville, TN 

We Feature Full Portfolio of 

Mobility and Accessibility Products by Experts

and Leaders in Both Pediatric and Adult Fields

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