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Meet Marat Shterenberg

Business Development

For me, my family and families of my clients are at the root of everything that I do, personally and professionally.  


I got my start in the DME industry right after college, back in 2004 in Washington, DC area. The company that I worked for belonged to a relative, and it was specializing in mobility, home accessibility, and respiratory products. Within the first year of working there, I recall, we delivered a power chair to an elderly lady. It was, probably, my third or fourth visit with her. During that visit, she mentioned, “When you aren’t here, I have a hard time. However, when you are here, I feel the most comfortable using everything.” The way she expressed her relief and gratitude about my assistance, which helped her become calm, collected, and allowed her to overcome fears of using the product, made me very emotional. It still does to this day. At that moment I, probably, truly felt that I found my calling.  


I wanted to build on that, to continue contributing to the comfort level of those who might not have it in their daily life and help them find the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. I love breaking down obstacles and barriers that special needs family would typically encounter. I enjoy the personal engagement and working with the special needs families in helping them to create as much comfort and independence to their lives as possible. I hope that their experience of working me and manufacturers I represent will grant them an opportunity to enjoy and explore the world regardless of the challenges they are presented with.  


Oftentimes, moms, in particular, have hectic and challenging lives, taking care of their families. My Mom was (and still is) a great example of that. As hard as she was working, still, it seemed that she never had enough time in her day. Because of that, I have a great appreciation for what moms do for their families on a daily basis, and I’ll go the extra mile to support a busy special needs mom. I wish to add as much calm to her and her family’s life as possible. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients, I, in partnership with clinicians, ATPs and manufacturers, am focused on providing support to special needs families in finding the best possible form, fit and function of mobility and accessibility solutions. 


If you’ve ever witnessed delight on kids’ faces, when you saw them on bikes; if you ever experienced the special connection by observing the family come together; if you’ve ever been overwhelmed with emotion, watching parents realize that their child is on a path to enjoying their life to the fullest, something they might not have imagined might be possible; if you ever felt that your day is better because you contributed to this, even in a small way, you know what motivates me on daily basis. 


Marat Shterenberg 
Business Development 

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" Marat was incredibly valuable at the Tri My Best Triathlon and was able to save the day multiple times during bike fittings at the pre-race meeting! (Kudos Marat and thanks again for your support!). "

Sarah Moran, PT, DPT, PCS, ATP 

Physical Therapist III 

Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist 

Assistive Technology Professional 

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